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Djubo CRS

DJUBO is a complete hotel sales platform to help you sell your rooms online and has three key products integrated into one to offer a unique edge to your hotel sales team.

Simply put, DJUBO is the answer to all your hotel room sales management woes.

DJUBO is a cloud-based 360-degree hotel sales platform for hotels of all sizes. From managing inventory on various channels to simplifying everyday hotel management, DJUBO does it all for you from a single user-friendly interface. A direct booking management engine, online channel manager and centralized reservation manager all rolled into one, DJUBO is the hotel management software you have always wanted for your hotel.

Managing hotel sales has become complicated with the changes that the travel and hospitality industry has been witnessing. Increase in the channels for booking hotels, changes in influence of guest purchase behavior and growing competition has created an urgent need for hotels to manage their room inventory. Hotel channel managers and sales managers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep track. Hotels are expending time and staff to manage their presence across the multitude of channels available and still struggling to generate sufficient profits to cover the increasing management costs.

DJUBO has been developed after rigorous research to precisely fill the technological gap that has been created by these new developments in the hospitality sector. DJUBO helps you overcome the shortcomings of manual channel management by providing a cost-effective cloud-based software as service solution for managing your hotel property.

DJUBO brings to the table a plethora of web technologies that work in synergy to allow you to minimize expenses and maximize revenues while allowing smooth operations of your hotel.

DJUBO is a complete hotel sales platform to help you sell your rooms online and has three key products integrated into one to offer a unique edge to your hotel sales team.

Online Booking Engine

A booking engine allows you to sell your rooms through your website. Guests simply visit your website, check availability of rooms, choose their rooms, select their meal preferences and other amenities and pay online to secure a booking.

Automated Channel Manager

Djubo is an always-on online channel manager integrated seamlessly with a cloud-based centralized reservation system and direct hotel booking management engine. Developed on some of the best web-based technologies, it employees a completely new approach to maximizing revenues. Djubo exposes every single room in your inventory out to all online travel agents for all future dates, relieving you of the time and effort that would have gone into manually updating your inventory.

Centralized Reservation System

A centralized reservation system connects the channel manager and the booking engine to automate the entire process of online room sales. The communication between the CRS and the booking engine allows room-availability to be always updated on your website and bookings to be placed instantly. While the communication between the CRS and the channel manager ensures that the right room inventory is being pushed to the OTAs. A constant sync between the three ensure that any changes to the room inventory are updated automatically and reflected in the appropriate places. The room bookings are presented in an intuitively designed booking chart. The booking chart can be accessed and managed from a single web-based login, along with other features.