Flow of Transaction

Step 1 – Room Availability Check by User

Users enter the dates for which they need to book rooms, number of rooms to be booked, and number of occupants per room.

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Step 2 – Rooms and Rate Selection by User

Based on the search query entered by the user, he is presented by the rooms that fulfil his criteria. On clicking on the rooms, he is presented with the rates of the room along with rates for meal plans. All rates are presented in clear bold text. The user can add the room to his cart and proceed to book other rooms if any otherwise he proceeds to the next screen.

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Step 3 – Selection of add-on services by User

Here a user can select from a list of add-on services which a hotel offers. Once again the service and its rates are mentioned in clear bold text.

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Step 4 – Entering Personal Details of the User

At this stage, the user has selected his required set of services and needs to enter personal details. The following data is requested from the user:
Name, Phone Numbers, Emails and, Address.

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Step 5 – Order Review

At this stage the user is presented with a review of his order – which lists out the type of room, meal plan and add-on services requested, their gross rates, applicable taxes and the net total that he will be charged. He is also informed of the requisite advance payment that needs to be made and which would be charged immediately. All costs are clearly mentioned.

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Step 6 – Proceed to Payment Gateway

On proceeding from the previous screen, the user is taken to the secure payment gateway where he enters the payment related details. This transaction is carried out on the payment gateway and no personal details are taken from this page by DJUBO.

Step 7 – Confirmation Screen and Email

After the system detects a successful payment the user receives a notification of confirmation of the booking and payment. He is also sent the details of his transaction via email.

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